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Welcome to Guys In Color - Classic

The original Guys In Color comics. From way back when I was doing this all alone :D.

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Issue 45
Issue 45

20 Oct 2008 09:29 am

5 more comics uploaded

I just quickly did issues 41-45. It's taking me longer to get around to uploading them than it did when I was making them new. Ah well.

07 Apr 2007 10:28 am

Issues 31-40

After a long delay and real life crap, I just got issues 31 - 40 uploaded. I still have more to convert over, but it's just a matter of C&P-ing it into the new format.


Stay tuned.

28 Aug 2006 04:11 pm

Issues 21-30

I just uploaded 10 more. These 10 are all part of my first long series, and the only one I started that actually got completed. From here on, the format changes to what I call "version 2" of GIC. The pictures will get smaller and the art will get least in theory...

stay tuned, more to follow :D

21 Aug 2006 07:01 pm

Issue 16-20 Uploaded

5 more issues added. I'm by no means done uploading, just couldn't convert any many more in that 5 minute gap between finishing my video game and starting dinner :P


19 Aug 2006 12:15 am

Guys In Color -- Classic

These are the original Guys In Color comics from 2001-2002 fame. This is what started my webcomic life. I won't make apologies for them because they're still funny to me.

An interesting tidbit: When I originally created these comics, I was using IMG tags to dictate their size, meaning that I was drawing them to be 500x500 and then rendering them at 300x300, making them blurry. I later fixed this (starting #31 I think) and sized them correctly. For this first batch, though, I decided to keep them in their original overly large format, and lined them up to run vertically rather than in a square shape as they were published.

If you're new to this comic, and have no idea who Guys In Color are, please see where the current incarnation lives (and is updated :D)

That's it for now. I have another 35+ comics to upload, but I think that'll wait. :D

Comments, as always, are appreciated, welcome, and even asked for.

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